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Project ATX6 Season 6 takes an unexpected turn

(a 6 PART Interview Series about life as a musician in lockdown) by Kate Blaising


The following interviews were written by Kate Blaising.  Kate traveled as part of the  Project ATX6 Season 6 entourage to Thailand for @jaithepfestival in January. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, Kate photographed each musician socially distanced within their homes to capture and discuss the changes to their lives, music, and creative spirit. Photo Cred: @kablaising 


Project ATX6 is a music documentary project that facilitates the travel and performances of 6 Austin musicians each year to international music festivals. This year's musicians (Evan Charles of Altamesa, Alesia Lani, Mike St.Clair, Leslie Sisson of Moving Panoramas, V3CO of Urban Heat, and Kathryn Legendre) traveled to festivals in Toronto (Indie Week) and Chiang Mai, Thailand (Jai Thep Festival). Our trip to The Great Escape in Brighton, England was canceled due to the circumstances that are the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Life has changed drastically for everyone in recent months. Our photographer Kate Blaising traveled to each musicians home in Austin to photograph life as it is right now. The following posts are interviews, each conversation as intriguing as the next, with each of our Season 6 musicians. 

This six part series will feature one interview released daily for a week. Follow along here.

Photo Sep 08, 7 42 38 PM.jpg

Alesia Lani

Photo Sep 08, 7 47 03 PM.jpg

Evan Charles of Altamesa

Photo Sep 08, 7 35 12 PM.jpg

Mike St.Clair of Pocket Sounds

Photo Sep 08, 7 54 04 PM.jpg

Leslie Sisson of Moving Panoramas

Photo Sep 08, 7 28 26 PM.jpg

Kathryn Legendre

Photo Sep 08, 7 17 27 PM.jpg

Jonathon Horstmann of V3CO and 

Urban Island Heat Effect

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