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LIFE IN LOCKDOWN with Kathryn Legendre | by Kate Blaising

The following interview (Part 1 of 6) was written by Kate Blaising.  Kate traveled as part of the  Project ATX6 Season 6 entourage to Thailand for @jaithepfestival in January. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, Kate photographed each musician socially distanced within their homes to capture and discuss the changes to their lives, music, and creative spirit. Photo Cred: @kablaising 

Kathryn Legendre // AUSTIN, TEXAS

Austin, Texas

When we were in Thailand, were you worried about the virus? 

KL: I was very aware, but I wasn’t nearly as concerned as I am now. I made sure to wear my mask in crowded areas, on planes, etc. so at the very least, I feel like it prepared me very well for when the virus reached the US as well. 

Do you think the virus is real?

KL: Yes.

How has quarantine impacted your creative process? 

KL: I think it’s encouraged my creativity. I’ve found I’ve been creative in more ways, as opposed to just one. For example, I’ve written songs, done more design work, had time to read books, started gardening, etc.

 Did you write new music? If yes, what was the fuel behind that fire?​

KL: I have! I’ve been trying to use this time to revisit unfinished songs, one by one. The motivation is being thankful for and taking advantage of this newfound time on my hands. 

Did you make any impulse purchases?

KL: Oh yeah. But it’s been totally worth it. I bought new (old) overalls, and I’ve pretty much been living in them ever since. If you could call your past self… let’s say when we were in Thailand, what would you tell yourself?KL: Stop. Worrying.

Who were you quarantined with?

KL: I’m quarantined with my husband, Brian Broussard. I feel like it’s the best of all possible scenarios (for me), because he’s an extremely positive force, but loving, patient, understanding, and we share a special musical bond. I’m very thankful.

How different is your life when quarantined?

KL: Life is INSANELY different. Things have come to a screeching halt, and I have much more freedom (or so it seems). I also think I never would have been able to create this kind of space for myself pre-pandemic. I’m glad for it.

Live streams have become very popular of late as a way for musicians to continue performing. What is your take on live streaming music?

KL: One thing that’s been great about live-streams is the opportunity to watch performances from artists. I played a few live-streams myself, but I think I’m enjoying the chance to not “have” to perform. It’s given me a chance to focus more on songwriting. The time to craft my skill feels like more of a natural outlet than singing to my phone. 

How do you find inspiration when life..just..stops..?

KL: For me, songwriting (aka capturing that creativity) is like fishing. I’ll show up and let it come to me.

How would you like to find closure with our adventure with project atx6?​

KL: A group reunion and (ideally) a live show!!! Maybe we can even have a group Thai dinner.

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