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ATX6 FILMS and The Austin Chronicle | Season 6 Clips. WATCH NOW:

FEATURED: SEASON 5 | Part 2: Redemption Song | 34 min

In 2018, Project ATx6 traveled to Vietnam for Quest Festival. On the night before the musicians were scheduled to perform we received notification from Quest that the festival had been canceled.

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Following the cancelation of Quest, all the bands moved back to Hanoi, and local music venues opened their doors to the bands who had come so far. For many, the shows were a huge release to the anxiety. For the ATX6, who had traveled so far with the anticipation of performing, the final show was a culmination of emotions and fatigue wrought with a the sanctity of adventure.

FEATURED:  Season 5 | Part 1: Redemption Song

WATCH Season 5 | Arlyn Studio Session

featuring Band of Heathens | Austin, Texas

WATCH Season 4 | Into the Japanese Sun

In 2017, Project ATx6 featuring musicians, Mobley, Otis Wilkins, Little Mazarn, Acey Monaro, Corey Baum, and Sisi Berry of Torino Black, traveled to Oita, Japan for Yumeiro Music Festival. What would prove to not be the first time in our history, the festival was canceled the night before our performances.  Typhoon Lan took the island, and our performances were rained out. We were able to sneak in two festival performances and a cultural experience we will never forget.

WATCH Season 3 | Documentary Short | Bringing It All Back Home

FEATURED: Season 3 clip |

Somewhere Near The End Of The Line

In a chilly Toronto, late 2016, we were all killing time in anticipation of our performance at Indie Week Festival. This group had traveled from France to England to Canada. By the end, we were like family. The travels were long. We had built relationships that will last forever.

As we continue to look at this project through the film lens, Project ATX6 is more the human connection through experiences than anything else. We were near the end when we filmed this clip. It was not planned. We took to skipping rocks in the harbour. It was a walk at dusk on Ward's Island looking back at the golden lights of Toronto in the distance.

CLIP: Season 2  | Elsa Cross - Make Use Of Your Time

FEATURED Season 1  | Full Length - The Road to Reeperbahn

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