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A Message from Chris Brecht

In 2014, Project ATX6 began its mission of helping Austin musicians reach international stages. Since that time we have facilitated the travel of nearly 40 Austin musicians and artists to festivals around the world. This global effort begins at home in Austin, Texas. 

As the CoronaVirus has affected us all, it has put a huge weight on our shoulders as we continue to believe in our mission of exporting Austin music. At this time, we are currently in the middle of our sixth season of sending Austin musicians to international festivals. Our Season 6 musicians have already traveled to festivals in Toronto, Canada, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have put our upcoming trip to the Great Escape on pause. We are communicating with programmers at the Great Escape and hoping for an outcome that is best for everyone. It will take time to recover from this pandemic and we are working to continue to share film photographs of our unprecedented journey with you.

We forever love Austin music. 

Please take a few minutes to explore our website, the project, and the musicians. Please consider making a tax deductible donation at this time via paypal, venmo, check or credit card. Thank you. 


Please Mail Checks to:

Project ATX6

6400 FM 969

Austin, TX 78724

All inquires or questions can be directed to Project ATX6

producer, Chris Brecht @

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