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LIFE IN LOCKDOWN with Alesia Lani

The following interview (Part 3 of 6) was written by Kate Blaising.  Following the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, Kate photographed each musician socially distanced within their homes to capture and discuss the changes to their lives, music, and creative spirit. Photo Credit: @kablaising 

Alesia Lani-

When we were in Thailand, were you worried about the virus, did you know what it was, or how it would affect you physically?

AL: I felt like I knew just as much as everyone else, but no I didn’t let it freak me out. I’m glad I didn’t, or else, how would I enjoy my trip. I just believe in living without fear. Doesn’t mean I’ll put myself in harm's way, but to just make the smart moves I need to make to keep going! 

Do you think the virus is real?

AL: Yes, I never doubted it. 

How has quarantine impacted your creative process?

AL: I went into a self shut down for a bit.. I like to call it a “recharge” because I snapped out of it & been on such a great creative high .. 

Did you write new music? If yes, what was the fuel behind that fire… what kept you going? If no, what was holding you back? 

AL: Yes, I’ve been writing a lot. I think what’s fueled my fire is I finally get to become a hermit & create lol that’s all I’ve always asked my manager for. But I can’t lie, I miss the stage life 

Did you make any impulse purchases?

AL: Ughhh small ones lol and just a couple! I’ve mainly been investing in new hobbies and learning how to make more content my video editing & all 

If you could call your past self… lets say when we were in Thailand, what would you tell yourself?

AL: Girl you better take it all in! Lol 

Who were you quarantined with? What was that like?

AL: My daughter, and it’s not boring lol 

Was life much different when quarantined? What was new, or what comforted you during quarantine?

AL: Life is kinda different in more good ways than bad. I found so much comfort in self care, my plants, making music and of course cooking!! 

Did you watch other Austin musician live streams? Did you perform any live streams? If you did perform live streams, what was it like to connect with others? If you didn’t livestream, how do you see yourself in the future performing under these circumstances?

AL: Yes. I have caught some live-streams and performed a couple as well! It’s something to get used to but that’s what the future is looking like lol hopefully not for too long. I do miss the crowd interaction for sure. 

How do you find inspiration when life..just..stops…?

AL: I just try and find things to keep me busy! Which is easy for me lol

How would you like to find closure with our adventure with project atx6?

AL: Ummm good question!! I’m not sure! Especially with everything going on! Maybe a collaboration, or  a live stream performance!

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