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PROJECT ATX6 //  artists helping artists on a journey of Austin's arts around the globe. 

Our MISSION is to create creative cultural export programs for artists that call Austin home. Austin Festival Express combines educational workshops with international experience-based travel incubator to leave artists with the empowerment to lead their own careers.


Through key programs, we:

  1. select artists whose work embodies the excellence, innovation, and independence that Austin music is known for,

  2. promote these artists by creating community oriented showcases in Austin and international music festivals as the ATX6,

  3. provide professional development opportunities for our artists through our industry centered workshops, tours and shows,

  4. ...document the travel and performances for a truly unique vision to sharing Project ATX6 with audiences around the globe.

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With this organization, we aim to positively impact Austin by promoting the growing diversity and innovation of Austin's arts community by giving these artists the opportunity to share their art with global audiences.  Now in our eighth year, we have helped more than 30 Austin musicians and artists reach international audiences. We will continue to help these artists develop sustainable careers as a mentor the next generation of talent. We see a future where reaching broader audiences will support a better cultural arts community in Austin. 


Austin has a massive music economy but a lack of music industry. We've created a project that fills the gap in a big way. We are equal parts music incubator, touring/booking agency, promotional machine, and music documentary.  Where cities like Chicago are known for the blues, LA for Pop, Nashville for Country, NYC for Punk, Austin is known for musical diversity and the live music that is the foundation of the Austin experience.  Each year, Project ATX6 selects 6 musicians to act as musical ambassadors for the creativity, diversity, and talent indigenous to our city’s live music experience. The mission of Project ATX6 is fourfold. First, to select 6 musicians whose work embodies the excellence, innovation, and independence that Austin music is known for world-wide. Second, to promote these musicians at showcases in Austin and international music festivals as the ATX6. Third, to provide the opportunity for musicians to develop careers through workshops, tours and shows.  Fourth  we create a documentary film of the seasons events. 

The vision of Project ATX6 is to sustain a program that positively impacts Austin by fostering collaboration and promoting the growing diversity and innovation that is Austin's live music community. At our 10 year anniversary we hope to have helped more than 60 Austin musicians develop sustainable careers while acting as mentors to the next generation of Austin musical talent. 

We have created an incubator for artistic talent ranging from music to film to visual art. As we continue to grow, we will continue to expand our spectrum of inclusive artists. Each project, each journey, each international festival is the culmination of hours upon hours of hard work, ingenuity, and innovation. By including artists from all across the board, we create a full multi-media film and music documentary that will give rise to many great artists from Austin, Texas that are striving for a platform to showcase their talent. 


Our flagship effort, Project ATX6 demonstrates excellence by canvassing and researching Austin’s up and coming musicians across all genres and choosing 6 through a long selection process. We seek musicians that demonstrate not only exceptional artistic talent and motivation, but innovation and ingenuity. They are selected based on a body of work vetted by peers, our Advisory Board, past members of Project ATX6, and members of the industry. From there, we give these musicians the opportunity to travel and showcase internationally after a number of shows in Austin that also showcased their inclusion in the project. Traveling to international festivals by train is the experience of a lifetime. We document the travel and arrange accommodations through the help of our partners. 

Film and Music Documentary is the foundation of our impact on the community. But this vision will shape around the artists that we look forward to working with in the future. Below is an example of a music performance by an ATX6 artists filmed at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas: 

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