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Each year, we get more and more requests about how musicians can become part of the Project ATX6 journey.


Project ATX6 is a curated international music, documentary project. There are no auditions.

This project exists within the community of Austin's music scene wherein we aim to find musicians whose careers and bands will benefit from the experience of touring internationally. If you would like to become part of the next Project ATX6 selections, please read below.  It is part of our mission to contribute to Austin's music community by helping its musicians reach international stages.  

There are a few places we look for when selecting musicians to travel with the ATX6 entourage. So we have put together a few thoughts to give you an idea of what we are looking for. To start, make your music visible. Play shows. Record and share your music online and in local record stores. We find residencies to be highly visible. Outside of being an active member of Austin's music community, you can also submit your music below. We also look for nominations from past Project ATX6 musicians. Each musician from the year prior is asked to nominate one male and one female musician for the project. 


Every nomination and submission will be given an equal shake in the process. Nominations from past musicians would only show that you are making yourself visible to other musicians by being an active member of the scene. There is a deep sense of camaraderie here. Because Austin is a uniquely set apart from other music scenes around the United States, we support each other. 


Below is a short list of what we're looking for so that you can include your work as an active musician in your submission.  

1. Residency - We look for musicians holding down residences at music venues in Austin for months on end. If you're not holding a residency, we also consider an active music calendar a great start. 

2. Recorded Music - We look for musicians who write and record original music. Please include links to your latest recordings, via iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud pages. Are your albums available in online stores (i.e. iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora)?


3. Website and Social Media Presence - How well crafted is your website? Have you established social media presence with your fanbase? Social media is viewed as a good reference for how well you communicate with your audience (fans, friends, and press).  Social Media can be reference for any musicians general prepared ness to national and international touring. For most musicians, these pages are those that we continually need updating and improvement.  The work is relentless and sometimes not rewarding, but again, it is a reference for how you are working to get where you need to be.

4. Original Music - When this project began in 2014, we started our search with songwriters. In recent years, we have created this project to be more all encompassing of musicians making all types of original music. Some of our favorite musicians within this project have been professional side musicians for years. The opportunity here is yours. Some of our favorite musicians have made a professional career of performing traditional music, and Project ATX6 became an opportunity for them to break their own mold and follow a solo career. We have to keep an open mind about this. We look to accept all types of musicians. We look for musical diversity. In the end, you're the one taking your music where it needs to go. We are trying to help you get a few more opportunities. 


5. Intangibles - We are looking for those musicians who are working to be long lasting musicians. If you take yourself seriously, others will too. With this consideration, we are looking for artists who are artists. We are looking for those musicians who are working for their wedge in the great conversation of artistic originality. We are inspired by those musicians who take the risks to advance their careers knowing that the journey is long. We look for those musicians who bring original lyrics, melodies, and songs to the conversation. Music can inspire.  We look for musicians who are willing to share music with other musicians. Are you willing to jump in the van, ride an airplane, and then take a train.  We anticipate that as musicians you will do the work and promote your international shows with an effort to gain an audience abroad. We anticipate that you want to see the world and play international music festivals. We anticipate that you will perform on a moments notice or in sessions. We look for musicians live and breathe music as part of the contour of life while also wanting to see fellow musicians succeed. The journey is long, experiences are forever, the great moments are fleeting, enjoy it while it lasts.  

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