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Project ATX6 offers semester long internships in Austin, Texas. 

We are looking for creative-minded individuals with skills ranging from marketing to social media to graphic design and camera work.


Opening: Administrative Assistant


We are looking for a self-motivated individual to help with administrative work including project management and event production. Must have eloquent telephone skills, computer skills, proofreading skills, and organizational skills. 

Must have a self-proclaimed reputation of being true to your word, reliable, punctual, organized, and on time. Somewhere in there, you MUST have an appreciation for music. 

You must be able to research and accomplish simple but immediate tasks assigned to you. 

All internships can be arranged to offer university credit. 

You must be 20 years of age. 

How to Apply:

We are accepting applications for spring 2018 and







Send us an original, well-drafted cover letter to introduce yourself. Tell us what you can contribute to Project ATX6. Please send CL and any other skills packages to jocelyn (at) 


1. Links to (i.e. Portfolio, spreadsheets, emails, photoshop, web development, photo editing, camera skills). 

2. Availability 

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