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Established in 2014... PROJECT ATX6 was born out of Austin's live music scene. Each year, 6 new musicians are selected to travel to international music festivals. After five years in existence, the project has guided 30 musicians to festivals (traveling by train) in France, Germany, England, Japan, and Canada. The entourage is led by musician turned documentarian, Chris Brecht, who found a way to document epic travels of these musicians to international music festivals. Each trip is a timeless journey, captured on film, that includes nights of music midnight train rides, long stays in homeaway rentals, international music festivals, and nights of music collaboration that will unite the musicians forever. ​

The 2018, Project ATX6 musicians connected with Austin's The Band of Heathens to record Give Peace A Chance with a little help from their friends. Watch the video below. 

It's an epic journey like none other before. This year, the Project ATX6 musicians will be traveling to festivals in Nova Scotia (Halifax Pop Explosion), Vietnam (Quest Festival), and Montreal (Folk Alliance International). They will be entering the recording studio in late September, along side the Band of Heathens and a Gospel Choir, to record a timeless classic. In February, they will bring all the adventures back home to Austin for a finale Concert at the Stateside Paramount Theatre. 

For more information contact T.Cannon Media.

Project ATX6 Season One Trailer

The Road to Reeperbahn 

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Directed and Produced by Chris Brecht

Starring: Aisha Burns, Carson McHone, Dana Falconberry, Jesse Moore, Leo Rondeau, & Mrs. Glass 

SEASON ONE | The Road to Reeperbahn will be released October 1, 2018. This documentary series chronicles the inaugural festival of the first ever ATX6 as they travel to North by Northeast Music Festival in Toronto, followed by an unexpected journey in to Hamburg's Red - Light District for Reeperbahn Festival.


Along the way, we find that each musician is on an once in a lifetime journey of their own. Dana Falconberry is ten years into an independent career that confronts the archaic vision of how difficult an impassioned life on the road can be.  Jesse Moore is also a decade into his life's work in his band, East Cameron Folkcore. Carson McHone is fresh on Austin's music scene as an emerging country musician. Aisha Burns shows us how she can make a living as a side musician in other bands while chasing her own dream as a songwriter. Mrs. Glass leaves us with unforgettable acoustic blues performances. Leo Rondeau shows us that life as a musician is not easy and sometimes require more difficult career choices. 

Season One begins in Toronto and ends with an unforgettable performance at Reeperbahn Music Festival. 


Watch the trailer for Season One | Project ATX6: the Road to Reeperbahn: 


ATX6 2018 Press Photo K Blaisig

Photo by Kate Blaising @kablaising

ATX6 Press Photo Kate Blaising.JPG

Photo by Kate Blaising @kablaising


PROJECT ATX6 2018 Calendar

September 24th | Recording Session | w/ Band of Heathens

October 7 | Project ATX6 Kickoff | Criquet Shirts | 12noon

October 11th | Speakeasy | Downtown

YETI Flagship | TBD

Desert Door | TBD

October 16-22 | Halifax Pop Explosion** | Halifax, NS

**Official Showcase | Halifax Central Library Oct 22

November 19-26 | Quest Festival | Hanoi, Vietnam

December 8 | The White Horse

February 2019 | Folk Alliance International | Montreal, CA

Project ATX6 Finale Concert | Stateside Paramount Theatre | Austin, Texas

Project ATX6 2018 Musicians 

Nnedi Nebula - Hailing from Austin, Texas and playing their own unique style dubbed “Electric Tribe,” Trouble in The streets has moved up quickly in the local and vibrant musical culture surrounding them. Mixing a blend of Electronic, World, Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B, Trouble in The Streets continues to leave a memorable impression everywhere they play. Most recently their Electro Tribe EP has been featured in the Huffington Post who says “Trouble in The Streets more than has it going on! Recently named Best New Austin Band for the Austin Music Award through Austin Chronicle, Trouble in The Streets offers an eclectic experience that demolishes the fourth wall and empowers audiences to create their own story. Trouble in the Streets Website

Nnedi Nebula (from Trouble in the Streets)
Michael Booher (Booher)

In a city where most of Austin’s lyrical depth is tied up in the post-punk and in the country scene (presumably), Austinite Michael Booher carves out a space of emotional literacy into a chronically indifferent scene, carving letters to a lost love like one would carve letters of fidelity into a playground tree. Pensive and uplifting, debut album, Funny Tears, is all the fist pumping good times of an all-American band steeped in the golden age of jagged catharsis –a continuation of the best days of storied alterna-something-something largely thought lost and not to be heard from again. Booher's Website

Carrie Fussell is a singer, songwriter and performance artist, and she fronts the band Calliope Musicals. She is really something. She has so many lyrical masterpieces, but the silly sincerity behind "Kitty of the Year" spurred the moment that this egotistical, self-deprecating bubble popped and I felt, for the first time in a long time, a little less alone, a little more seen, and a whole lot more desperate to connect with and love all the good things that exist outside of the ocean-bottom in my brain." Carrie Fussell's Website  Calliope Musicals Website

Carrie Fussell
Cory Reinisch

Fronting Austin’s Harvest Thieves for the last five years, Cory Reinisch has been a fixture on the local music scene. The alternative country outfit offers a sound harkening back to the California canyon days of artists like Jackson Browne, while their debut EP and following full-length albums drew considerable local and regional praise. But, unlike the folksy blend you normally get with alt-country today, Harvest Thieves focus on the meat and potatoes blend of chunky guitars and big harmonies that spawned the genre in the first place. Harvest Thieves Website

Big Cedar Fever is a string swing band out of central Texas that specializes in Western swing and jazz. Three part harmonies and tight musical arrangements draw listeners in, only to be taken away by the classic style and lyrics that recall another time and place. Formed in January of 2018, the trio includes Georgia Parker on jazz-box guitar, Ian Lee on fiddle, and Nick Lochman on the upright bass. With all three sharing vocal duties and trading instrumental solos, this is a group whose constant harmony is right up there with their prowess as a dance band. Georgia Parker's Website 

Georgia Parker Music | Photo by Kate Blaising.
Jacob Jaege

Jacob Jaeger is from Angleton, Texas and has been performing professionally in Austin for 12 years. If you are what you eat, Jacob is a tequila-flavored chorizo taco with cannabis sauce. On the frontier of his music, Jaeger challenges inverted rhythms and melody with a soft delivery of sensitive lyrics that can be addicting to audiences. His lyrics channels imaginative landscapes of humanity and dust in eloquently delivered poetry over roots oriented progressions and spirit. Jacob Jaeger's Website

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