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Established in 2014... PROJECT ATX6 was born out of Austin's live music scene. Each year, 6 new musicians are selected to travel to international music festivals. After five years in existence, the project has guided 30 musicians to festivals in France, Germany, England, Japan, Vietnam, Nova Scotia, and Canada. The entourage is led by musician turned documentarian, Chris Brecht, who found a way to document epic travels of these musicians to international music festivals. Each trip is a timeless journey, captured on film, that includes nights of music midnight train rides, long stays in hostels and houses, international music festivals, and nights of music collaboration that will unite the musicians forever. ​

More Seasons to follow....

Project ATX6 Season One Trailer

The Road to Reeperbahn 

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Directed and Produced by Chris Brecht

Starring: Aisha Burns, Carson McHone, Dana Falconberry, Jesse Moore, Leo Rondeau, & Mrs. Glass 

SEASON ONE | Project ATX6: The Road to Reeperbahn chronicles the unforgettable journey of six independent musicians from Austin as they travel into the heart of Hamburg's Red-Light District for a sold out performance at Reeperbahn Festival. 

Along the way, we find that each musician is on a journey of their own. Dana Falconberry, who is ten years into an independent career, confronts the archaic vision of how difficult an impassioned life as an artist can be.  Jesse Moore, who also a decade into his life's work, is challenged by the growth of his band, East Cameron Folkcore. Carson McHone is fresh on Austin's music scene as an emerging alternative country songwriter. Aisha Burns shows us that, despite all her wisdom, life is not only about that chasing dreams but there is greater meaning to be found in the relationships we cherish along the way. Mrs. Glass is born of another time and, with each performance, he channels many blues legends and leaves audiences speechless. Leo Rondeau is faced with decisions that will forever impact his life. 

Backstory: In 2014, musician turned filmmaker, Chris Brecht, documented the travel and unexpected success of Austin's first ever music export project. Season one is the first of many seasons to come. This great unprecedented export project has become a story of its own, and proven each year that it will facilitate and document the travel of independent musicians from Austin to music festivals around the globe.


Watch the trailer for Season One | Project ATX6: the Road to Reeperbahn: 


Where to Watch Project ATX6. S1 - The Road to Reeperbahn

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