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PROJECT ATX6 // Season One


In 2014, six Austin musicians traveled to Toronto for North By Northeast Music Festival. Prior to the trip the musicians were strangers to one another. The experience was captured by musician and filmmaker, Chris Brecht. Following the unexpected bonding that took place in Toronto, the ATX6 musicians were invited to perform at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. As a group of independent musicians touring Germany for the first time, the trip was unforgettable.

They traveled by bus and by train and stayed in HomeAway rentals before arriving to perform at an unexpectedly sold out showcase in the Reeperbahn. The effort as a whole became what is now known as Project ATX6 - a music export project that features independent musicians from Austin at international festivals. But it was the first trip helped to define how independent musicians can travel together as part of a musical entourage and showcase original music in front of international audiences.


Dana Falconberry

Jesse Moore (of East Cameron Folklore)

Aisha Burns

Carson McHone

Leo Rondeau

Mrs. Glass


Laurie Gallardo

Chris Brecht

Produced and Directed by
Chris Brecht

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