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Song Release | Give Peace A Chance

Artist: Project ATX6 and Band of Heathens (featuring Austin School of Rock)

Song Length: 3 minutes 19 seconds

Give Peace A Chance | Single Release

Project ATX6 and Band of Heathens

Featuring Austin School of Rock Musicians

And a chorus of friends in the scene.


October 20, 2018 | Project ATX6 and the Band of Heathens teamed up to record John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s song, Give Peace A Chance, at Arlyn Studios.  The musicians recorded the song to promote the upcoming Project ATX6 travels to international music festivals, including a trip to Montreal Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel for Folk Alliance International. This is the same Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel where John and Yoko wrote the song in 1969. The song will be released  on a 7” Vinyl in early 2019 featuring an additional song recorded during the Arlyn Session.


The ATX6 Musicians took a pen to the fourth verse to update the lyrics to include a contemporary list of inspirational figures in American culture.


The new 4th verse:

"Everybody's talking about....

Beto and Willie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), David Komie, Shaun King, Kamala Harris, Cesar Chavez,  Kamala Harris, Emma González, Bernie Sanders, Ned Flanders.."


The 2018 Project ATX6 Musicians - Carrie Fussell (of Calliope Musicals), Jacob Alan Jaeger, Nnedi Nebula (of Trouble in the Streets), Cory Reinisch (of Harvest Thieves), Georgia Parker (of Big Cedar Fever), and Booher.

Additional Cast - The session features additional music project, Austin School of Rock, and a chorus of musicians (Laurie Gallardo, Cory Baum of Croy and the Boys, Carson McHone, and Elsa Cross).



by Project ATX6 and The Band of Heathens



Give Peace A Chance | Cast and Crew | Back Row (left to right): Megan LaPrelle, Chris Brecht, Carson McHone, Jacob Alan Jaeger, Elsa Cross, Laurie Gallardo, Booher, Cory Reinisch, Cory Baum, Jesse Wilson, Trevor Nealon, Ed Jurdi, Richard Millsap, Gordy Quist, Andrew Hernandez, Jocelyn Spraggins.

Front Row: Carrie Fussell, Georgia Parker, Nnedi Nebula, Kate Blaising. 

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